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  TownyQuest – Next Steps  Hi all, This is a fairly large announcement, so hopefully you will all take time to read it. As you all know I have been running TownyQuest now for a few years, however, what you will not know is that a few weeks ago I acquired another network where I have been the manager, working alongside the owner for a long time, called MC-Ages (ip – This is a grief prevention (golden shovel) survival server working on block claiming, not chunk claiming like Towny.   I have been considering this for a while and been discussed it with all the staff and I am totally certain that the two networks will make a perfect fit, and therefore it is my intention to merge the two together and have a single network. This new network will have 4 game modes to choose from:    o   Towny Age Server   o   Industrial Age Server   o   Dark Age Server   o   Creative Age Server Essentially, nothing will change on any server, no world or game resets, just more options to choose from and play when you log into the network. The ip you currently use will be re-directed to, however, updating the ip will be the best way to connect in the future. All donator ranks will be global, therefore your rank will be applied across all servers, however, the perks will be slightly different, so please read the perks for each server. The webstore will be updated shortly to reflect this. It will be the TownyQuest store name until I update it.    I am having a new hub spawn built by the servers’ build team at the moment and I hope you will all like is as much as I do – they have done a great job on it so far. As we move towards Christmas, there will be another game mode added, and as we travel through 2021 there will be a further two game modes added. Many of you will have noticed a few new staff members appear ‘out of nowhere’. This was not me just allowing my ‘friends’ to have staff on the server – they are actually the staff from the MC-Ages  server joining and getting to know the server and you all a little bit better. The same has happened on MC-Ages, where the staff here have been over there getting to know the server and community. MC-Ages name will be kept as the brand, so the ip will be the way to connect to the server in the future. The website and discord will be moved over to MC-Ages and the TownyQuest versions closed, so please feel free to join the mc-ages discord server as soon as you can. However, during this period it is very likely that I will need to take the MC-Ages website down to complete the updates and changes, but you will still be able to access the TownyQuest website to keep in touch with news and updates. Many that I have discussed this plan with are excited at the prospect of more game modes and more players to interact with and are very much looking forward to the merging of the two networks. I hope you, the community, will embrace the coming changes as I think it will take MC-Ages/TownyQuest to the next level! I would also like to thank all the staff for all the support they have given me over the years on both servers and want to thank you, the community, for continuing to support the servers by either playing on them, donating, or both! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to comment below or DM any of the staff if you have any questions, concerns, or worries. I am truly looking forward to the future with you all at MC-Ages. Cobrex 😊  
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Season 2 is coming soon........... Elite Mob Wars!!!! Please keep an eye on #news on discord, and the forums for more information and details.
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When crafting augments, ensure you have all materials except entropy to the precise amount. Ensure you have enough entropy in your balance (does not matter if you have over the amount needed). Ensure you are the correct level or higher in order to craft. To craft the augment, throw all materials (not entropy) into a filled cauldron (full with water) and further left click the cauldron with your fishing rod. In order of required fishing level and materials needed to max the augment level:   Hot Spot (Level 10 ) - Chance to fish up 2 fish at once Max augment level: 13     Per Level                                   Max Level 50,000 Entropy                        650,00 Entropy 16x Glistering Melon Slice      104x Glistening Melon Slice 32x String                                416x String (6.5 Stacks) 3x Golden Apple                     39x Golden Apple 1x Oak Boat                             13x Oak Boat 4x Dolphin Tail                         52x Dolphin Tail   Call of The Storm (Level 12) - Catch more fish with rain Max augment level: 5 40,000x Entropy                       200,00x Entropy 1x Water Bucket                      5x Water Bucket 1x Oak Boat                             5x Oak Boat 16x Cod (raw)                          80x Cod (1.25 Stacks) 4x Lily Pad                                20x Lily Pad   Saturate (Level 12) - Chance to refill hunger Max augment level: 5 35,000x Entropy                      175,000x Entropy 16x Cooked Beef                     80x Cooked Beef (1.25 Stacks) 1x Cake                                    5x Cake 12x Baked Potato                    60x Baked Potato 16x Cod (raw)                          80x Cod (1.25 Stacks)   Sage (Level 12) - Get more exp to the plugin (Not mcmmo) from catching fish Max augment level: 10 57,500x Entropy                      575,000x Entropy 8x Gold Block                         80x Gold Block (1.25 Stacks) 16x Crab Claw                        160x Crab Claw (2.5 Stacks) 16x Crab Scale                       160x Crab Scale (2.5 Stacks) 3x Dolphin Tail                       30x Dolphin Tail 4x Gunpowder                       40x Gunpowder 16x Redstone                         160x Redstone (2.5 Stacks) 16x Sugar                               160x Sugar (2.5 Stacks)   Biome Disruption (Level 16) - Chance to catch fish from other biomes Max augment level: 3 60,000x Entropy                    180,000x Entropy 16x Oak Log                          48x Oak Log 16x Snowball                         48x Snowball 32x Sand                               96x Sand (1.5 Stacks) 32x Kelp                                96x Kelp (1.5 Stacks) 1x Water Bucket                   3x Water Bucket   Precision Cutting (Level 22) - Gives more entropy from gutting fish (Need to hold the rod while gutting) Max augment level: 8 70,000x Entropy                   560,000x Entropy 1x Anvil                                8x Anvil 1x Diamond Sword              8x Diamond Sword 1x Iron Axe                          8x Iron Axe 16x Cobblestone                 128x Cobblestone (2 Stacks) 2x Emerald                          16x Emerald 3x Lapis Block                     24x Lapis Block 1x Water Bucket                 8x Water Bucket 1x Wither Skeleton Skull    8x Wither Skeleton Skull   Crab Bait (Level 25) - Higher chance to catch crabs Max augment level: 5 40,000x Entropy                200,000x Entropy 1x Water Bucket                5x Water Bucket 5x Crab Claw                     25x Crab Claw 10x Crab Scale                  50x Crab Scale 64x String                         320x String (5 Stacks)   Intellect (Level 25) - Gives more EXP from catching fish Max augment level: 10 50,000x Entropy               500,000x Entropy 10x Lapis Block                100x Lapis Block (1.65 Stacks (1 Stack 36)) 4x Book                            40x Book 4x Diamond                     40x Diamond 2x Emerald Block             20x Emerald Block   Perception (Level 28) - Gives entropy for catching fish Max augment level: 7 75,000x Entropy              525,000x Entropy 32x Glass                         224x Glass (3.5 Stacks) 4x Glowstone                  28x Glowstone 3x Turtle Egg                   21x Turtle Egg 3x Nautilus Shell             21x Nautilus Shell 10x Crab Claw                 70x Crab Claw (1.09 Stacks (1 Stack 6))   Trophy (Level 35) - Higher chance to profit from fish scales (weighing fish) Max augment level: 6 60,000x Entropy             360,000x Entropy 32x Iron Block                192x Iron Block (3 Stacks) 16x Gold Block               96x Gold Block (1.5 Stacks) 12x Diamond Block        72x Diamond Block (1.125 Stacks (1 Stack 8 )) 12x Emerald Block          72x Emerald Block (1.125 Stacks (1 Stack 8 )) 16x Squid Tentacle         96x Squid Tentacle (1.5 Stacks) 1x Heart Of The Sea       6x Heart Of The Sea   Solar Rage (Level 35) - More money from selling fish (Must hold rod in hand while selling) Max augment level: 5 75,000x Entropy             375,000x Entropy 8x Gold Block                 40x Gold Block 3x Diamond Block          15x Diamond Block 5x Emerald Block            25x Emerald Block 10x Crab Claw                50x Crab Claw 10x Crab Scale               50x Crab Scale   Master Fisherman (Level 45) - Higher chance for better tier fish Max augment level: 20 115,000x Entropy          2,300,000x Entropy 1x Nether Star               20x Nether Star 8x Ghast Tear                160x Ghast Tear (2.5 Stacks) 16x Crab Claw               320x Crab Claw (5 Stacks) 16x Crab Scale              320x Crab Scale (5 Stacks) 4x Dolphin Tail              80x Dolphin Tail (1.25 Stacks)
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Hi all, We have today updated to 1.16.3 - you can now join any of our servers using clinet version from 1.8.x through to 1.16.3. Last week we also inroduced a serious upgrade to vanilla fishing. There are now custome fish, enchants, quests and of course regular fishing competitions. More infomation on this can be found here: fishing 
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Welcome to our newest game – Pyro-fishing. This brings a significant upgrade to both vanilla fishing AND the fishing contest. This is a brief guide to the commands, features, tasks and prizes that you can get while fishing on TownyQuest.   Getting Started: To begin fishing just get a fishing rod and fish and start fishing. But to attract the best fish, every great fishman need a trusty fishing rod, with some good enchantments on it, like; Luck of the Sea, Lure, Mending and Unbreaking. So access the fishing information/menu either type /fish menu or shift(sneak) + click with a fishing rod in your hand. All there commands can be run either through the GUI or in-game commands. The top two items are your currently held fishing rod and a shortcut to your statistics which can also be accessed through /fish stats. Ø  Working from left to right in the main section of the menu: Ø  Fish Sell Shop, this is the shop you use to sell fish for ingame money, you can sell every kind of fish including base game fish. Can also be accessed through /fish shop. Ø  Deliveries, a quest system for the plugin, can help with levelling up and gaining entropy quicker. Also accessed with /fish deliveries. Ø  Codex, the codex is a menu that allows you to view the wide range of custom fish that the plugin has. Can be accessed through /fish codex. Ø  Scales, the scales menu is used to weigh fish, it comes with a risk but can help improve the selling price of your fish (not gutting). Can be accessed with /fish scales. Ø  Fish Bag, the fish bag menu is used to view the statistics of what fish you have caught and saved for later, it can be used like a portable chest for fish and a larger menu for selling fish without the specific fish boost found in the sell shop. Can be accessed with /fish bag. Ø  Gutting Station, the gutting station is the menu that allows you to sell your fish for entropy. Can be accessed through /fish gut. Ø  Skill points, the skill points menu can be ignored as it is going to be a feature that the plugin creator is currently working on. Ø  Augments, the augments menu is how you access the augment list and a few options which include: Putting the augments onto your rod, removing all augments from your rod, and extracting 10,000 entropy into your inventory. Can be accessed through /fish augment or for the list of augments use /fish augments. After catching fish, there are two things you can do, either sell them for in-game money, or, gut them to gain Entropy. Entropy is the key ingredient to allow you to upskill you fishing within this part of the game. If you just want to earn money straight away, then /fish scales and then /fish shop will be your favourites. As more players become involved in this part of the game-play, you could collect Entropy and sell it to other players, which will probably earn you more than just selling the fish direct. You can also get ingredients from killing Crabs that you catch. The crab is in fact a silverfish named Crab that you must kill for a chance of it dropping ingredients. People also often sell crab drops so it's worth asking in chat if you prefer a quicker method. Ingredients are then used to add Augments to your rob for various enhancements and fishing boosts. So, what are these Augments and what do they do? Augments are Custom enchantments you can add onto your fishing rod through /fish augment. There are a list of the augments you can obtain and what they do in /fish augments but there is also a link here: Fishing Augments Have fun and get fishing!!!
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