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Hi all, Just to confirm that following Mojang's 1.16 release today, all our servers are now able to accept clients running 1.16. You will not have access to the blocks and new nether, but the compatibility is working well. The server will be updated to 1.16 as soon as the production version is released and all major plugins are compatiable with the update. Happy Minecrafting.
20 days ago

Hi all, Just to let you know that the updates completed yesterday should result in an even better overall experience for you all with perfomance tweaks and enhancements. The major change that has been the introduced of no-tick-render-distance. There are now two settings for the server, one is the active chunk render distance, and the second is the one above. Therfore, the server settings now reflect the following: Active chunk render distance: 3 chunks Non-tick render distance: 6 chunks There have been other performance updates. I will therefore be reviewing all the limits for the server over the next few weeks to see what can be adjusted. The first change is that there has been a slight increase to the spawn rates for mobs and animals, however, the limits are still in place for hoppers, chests, item frames etc, to ensure that lag continues to be kept at zero. Keep having fun and see you all soon on the server. :)  
2 months ago

Hi All, Still a busy time on the server for work that is being carried out to improve player experince further. Firstly, I would like to thank Xyaafol for creating custom pluigns for the server, and both of these updates below are his own plugins. Daily Rewards The are now back, so please make sure you login everyday to receive your rewards - the more consecutive days you log-in the greater your rewards come. Villagers There has been a significant change to many villager trading options. No your villager is not broken. Firstly, the times when you can trade with your villager has been restrcted, together with the number of times you can trade with that villager each MC day. Secondly, the prices for certain enchantments is now being centrally controlled by the server. Again your villager is not broken, so do not try and trade with your villager for a better deal on certain enchantments, as the trade is fixed. Watch-out for further updates.
2 months ago

I have considered putting jobs back on the server, however, making money on the server is not hard and there are quests in spawn village, which do a similar thing. I will continue to consider the idea however. Thank you
3 months ago

Hi all, It has been a very busy time on the server, both for old players and new members arriving, along with updates that have been happening. So here is a quick summary of the changes since the last update at the beginning of April. MyPet There are lots of changes coming to mypet and these will be done in two phases. The first is to fix the rate at which your pet will level up, which was done today. Unfortunately, there is a possible side-effect to this - that current pets my not be able to level up any more, or it will be impossible to level them up. Sorry, this could not be helped. The second phase is to fix and improve the benefits that pets can gain when they do level up. This will be implemented over the next 3-4 days as I work through the levels and benefits available. Please note nearly all pets WILL NOT have the fly ability - but most of you are aware that this is coming.  Lottery Our new lottery plugin is now fully functioning as planned. A lot for work was put in by both the dev and myself to get to the root of the issue, which has now been resolved. Thanks to all the players who put up witt the disruptions on the server while we sorted the issues out, and thank you for your patience. Dungeons The new dungeon world on the mining server is now fully up and working as intended, and I know many of you have started to explore, die and find loot, which is great. Addition of the /mining server to the network. This has proved be a significant step in the growth of the server, and now all worlds on the /main server are for building only, and all resource gathering etc MUST be done on the worlds in the /mining server. This includes collecting; wood, dirt, sand, stone and of course strip mining for ores. Warps have now been added to all 4 worlds, making it easier to move around the worlds. MyPet, Mcmmo and personal inventories are the only things that are sync'ed across the /main and /mining servers. Silking spawners, as before, can only be done on the main world on the /main server and the mining and nether worlds on the /mining server. There have been other smaller updates and improvements to plugins and performance enhancements. Thank you all for continuing to support and play server - keep having fun!!!Cobrex :)  
3 months ago