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Hi all, We have today updated to 1.16.3 - you can now join any of our servers using clinet version from 1.8.x through to 1.16.3. Last week we also inroduced a serious upgrade to vanilla fishing. There are now custome fish, enchants, quests and of course regular fishing competitions. More infomation on this can be found here: fishing 
3 days ago

Welcome to our newest game – Pyro-fishing. This brings a significant upgrade to both vanilla fishing AND the fishing contest. This is a brief guide to the commands, features, tasks and prizes that you can get while fishing on TownyQuest.   Getting Started: To begin fishing just get a fishing rod and fish and start fishing. But to attract the best fish, every great fishman need a trusty fishing rod, with some good enchantments on it, like; Luck of the Sea, Lure, Mending and Unbreaking. So access the fishing information/menu either type /fish menu or shift(sneak) + click with a fishing rod in your hand. All there commands can be run either through the GUI or in-game commands. The top two items are your currently held fishing rod and a shortcut to your statistics which can also be accessed through /fish stats. Ø  Working from left to right in the main section of the menu: Ø  Fish Sell Shop, this is the shop you use to sell fish for ingame money, you can sell every kind of fish including base game fish. Can also be accessed through /fish shop. Ø  Deliveries, a quest system for the plugin, can help with levelling up and gaining entropy quicker. Also accessed with /fish deliveries. Ø  Codex, the codex is a menu that allows you to view the wide range of custom fish that the plugin has. Can be accessed through /fish codex. Ø  Scales, the scales menu is used to weigh fish, it comes with a risk but can help improve the selling price of your fish (not gutting). Can be accessed with /fish scales. Ø  Fish Bag, the fish bag menu is used to view the statistics of what fish you have caught and saved for later, it can be used like a portable chest for fish and a larger menu for selling fish without the specific fish boost found in the sell shop. Can be accessed with /fish bag. Ø  Gutting Station, the gutting station is the menu that allows you to sell your fish for entropy. Can be accessed through /fish gut. Ø  Skill points, the skill points menu can be ignored as it is going to be a feature that the plugin creator is currently working on. Ø  Augments, the augments menu is how you access the augment list and a few options which include: Putting the augments onto your rod, removing all augments from your rod, and extracting 10,000 entropy into your inventory. Can be accessed through /fish augment or for the list of augments use /fish augments. After catching fish, there are two things you can do, either sell them for in-game money, or, gut them to gain Entropy. Entropy is the key ingredient to allow you to upskill you fishing within this part of the game. If you just want to earn money straight away, then /fish scales and then /fish shop will be your favourites. As more players become involved in this part of the game-play, you could collect Entropy and sell it to other players, which will probably earn you more than just selling the fish direct. You can also get ingredients from killing Crabs that you catch. The crab is in fact a silverfish named Crab that you must kill for a chance of it dropping ingredients. People also often sell crab drops so it's worth asking in chat if you prefer a quicker method. Ingredients are then used to add Augments to your rob for various enhancements and fishing boosts. So, what are these Augments and what do they do? Augments are Custom enchantments you can add onto your fishing rod through /fish augment. There are a list of the augments you can obtain and what they do in /fish augments but there is also a link here: Fishing Augments Have fun and get fishing!!!
17 days ago

Trails have returned. To select a trail, just do /trails.  You can select up to 3 to have showing at the same time. Unlimited switching between the trails. Currently there are 8 and I will be expanding this to about 40, with the remaining 16 being available to rank 36 and donor+ ranks over the next few days. Enjoy :)
about 1 month ago

Elite Mobs Prestige Ranks Elite Mobs has had a major update, with the introduction of Prestige. Once you have comepleted the first 10 rank-ups in Elite Mobs, you are then able to Prestige. There are then 10 Prestige ranks to work through. But, be warned, when you do Prestige all your Elite money and armor will be reset. However, the benefits and rewards of Prestige'ing far outweigh this initial cost.   Prestige 1 - 2x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild Tier 11, 1.5x+ currency rewards Prestige 2 - 3% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 12, 2x+ currency rewards Prestige 3 - 3% base chance to evade, access to Guild Tier 13, 2.5x+ currency rewards Prestige 4 - 2.5x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild Tier 14, 3x currency rewards Prestige 5 - 6% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 15, 3.5x currency rewards Prestige 6 - 6% base chance to evade, access to Guild Tier 16, 4x currency rewards Prestige 7 - 3x max hp boost from unlocking Guild Ranks, access to Guild Tier 17, 4.5x currency rewards Prestige 8 - 10% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 18, 5x currency rewards Prestige 9 - 10% base chance to dodge, access to Guild Tier 19, 5.5x currency rewards Prestige 10 - 4x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild tier 20, 6x currency rewards Have fun hunting those Elite mobs and get ranking up in the Guild!!  
about 1 month ago

Hi all, Just to update you that the 1.16 update for all the servers on the network was completed successfully. The new nether both on the /main server and /mining server looks fantastic.  The Ender Dragon was defeated and the third egg of the server's history was captured. All four worlds in the /mining server were reset, and the nether in /main server was re-set. In addition to the update to 1.16, Jobs are back, so you can now earn extra money building your town, mining resources or even clearing land for other players. All the commands and information are here -> The afk plugin has been upgraded, so now you will be moved to the afk zone at the back of the Hall-of-Fame in spawn world, and not kicked to the Lobby server. Crates has been updated, there are new animations and items in all the crates at spawn, type /warp crates. Quest NPC's have been moved into the mansion house in spawn, so get questing and eanring extra cash for the /rankup. Have fun and enjoy the updates and new 1.16 Nether!!
about 1 month ago